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Window Film

Window film has many different applications. We cary a full line of window film products to meet the needs of our clients. We have created this page to help our clients learn what the different types of window film priducts are and what the benefits will be. It will also help to find the right window film for you.

Our window film products apply to all types of vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings. We carry everything from the most basic to the most advanced ceramic window film products.

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Automotive Window Film Products

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Automotive window film is different from residential and commercial products in that the construction is more friendly to shrinking and easier to work with on curbed surfaces. Automotive window film products generally are less reflective than residential and commercial products.

With advances in knowledgeably and manufacturing you now have window film products that reject large amounts of heat in non metal constructions to the most basic metal films.

Why we do not offer dyed films.

Dyed film have been around for some time and in the past have been some of the most widely used. Unfortunately due to not having any color stable element, these films have the tenancy to turn a lavender purple color as well as fail much faster. We often observe them on the road as we drive around. A vehicle with that purple hue accompanied with bubbling (adhesive failure).

Sometimes these films are sold as color stable but in the end do not stand the test of time. More often than not these films are not worth the expense in the end with having to redo a failing tint job.

While it is tempting to go for that ultra cheap tint job being offered you might want to consider the costs. Quality window film products are not cheap. A lot of research and development gos into professional window film and likewise normally shows up in the price of an installation. In closing if your installation is being offered for $ 70-80-90 bucks the chances are better that you could be the recipient of low quality inferior film.

LLumar ATR (Metallized Window Film)

Llumar ATR is a color-stable high-performance window film product that offers excellent heat rejection performance and affordability. This product has been around for a long time and is one of the main workhorse products we offer because of its quality construction and performance specs.
This product adds to the looks of a vehicle with charcoal color that comes very close to matching factory tint on vehicles. As good as this window film is can also have its drawbacks as well. The metal alloy layer within this film can cause interference issues with rear window-mounted antennas and other electronic devices within a vehicle. These instances are rare but can happen.

LLumar CTX (Nano Ceramic Window Tint)

Another top-rated offering from our window film products lineup is the LLumar CTX nano-ceramic film. This product is an excellent fit for vehicles heavily laden with electronics. Due to its non-metal construction, interference issues are a thing of the past. Another popular benefit is the heat rejection performance.

This nano-ceramic film blocks heat mainly by absorption. The heat is then carried away by convection of the air moving past it on both sides. As a result, the passengers on the interior feel much less of the sun’s infrared energy. Although this IR alone does not tell the whole performance story, it still describes the felt heat being lowered to a more comfortable level.

LLumar IRX (Nano Ceramic)

LLumar IRX is another excellent offering from our lineup of window film products. This window film offers the very best and most aggressive in heat rejection performance. For the consumer that demands the very best, this is the window film for you.
Offered in the same attractive charcoal colors, LLumar has been a top-rated product for higher-end cars or anyone who just wanted the very best performance possible without breaking the bank.

LLumar Air Blue 80% (nano Ceramic)

Llumar Air Blue nano-ceramic 80% is another popular product for its high heat rejection performance in a virtually clear light blue color. Air Blue is perfect for the person wanting to preserve the interior of a vehicle from damaging UV light with good heat blocking properties.

If you are looking for performance with as little shade as possible, Air Blue could be a perfect fit for you. Combine this with LLumars lifetime warranty, and you have a product that will outlast your vehicle.

LLumar Air Blue 90% (Nano Ceramic)

This product is even lighter than the LLumar Air Blue 80%. With virtually no blue hue, this film will go unnoticed on your glass while you benefit from its 99% UV protection and 30% heat reduction performance.

Closeout Window Film Products

Our closeout products are older products and manufacturers we no longer carry. Over time we have ended up with a lot of odds and ends sitting around. These products are sold “as is” with no warranty offered. Thankfully none of them are dyed, so you will not have to worry about purple windows a few years down the road.

We have a limited quantity of metalized and some older ceramic products we can offer at discounted rates while supplies last. These window film products are perfect for tinting a vehicle before a sale or for use on other projects at low costs. If you are interested in these products, let us know, and we will gladly go over them with you.

Residential & Commercial Window Film Products

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Residential and commercial window film products are normally constructed with different adhesive systems and more reflective. As a result, they are longer lasting and higher performing than the automotive line of window film products. These products are also available in more variety, such as decorative frost, mirror, and many other colors and variations.

We will get into more specifics below.

Reflective Series Window Film Products

Reflective window film products reflect both interior and exterior for helping to reduce cooling costs during the summer months. These films serve various functions such as high heat rejection performance, guard occupants against damaging UV rays, lower heat entering the building or structure, and more. The applications for these products are,

  • Residential Homes
  • Commercial buildings
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Motels & Hotels
  • Any application where high heat rejection performance is needed

LLumar RN 07 (One Way Mirror)

Offering a heat rejection of 82% and an absorption rate of 45% RN 07 is one of the heavy-hitting performance films we offer. This film looks like a mirror on the outside and has a dark charcoal look on the inside, so it will not reflect back at you.
Besides high heat rejection, this film is perfect for creating privacy in interior spaces where absolute privacy is required. We have used this on homes, offices, and at the local sheriff’s office.


Offering a heat rejection rate of 73% and an absorption rate of 62%, this film performs slightly less inefficiency. However, it is still considered an aggressive performer in the LLumar lineup.

This high-performance window film offers a pleasant soft bronze hue where bronze films are specified, and performance is required.


Offering a TSER ( total solar energy rejection) rate of 75% and an absorption rate of 62%, this film is a solid performer where a product with a reflective blue hue is specified.

Llumar Reflective Series | R15G SR (Grey)

Where soft grey colors and low reflective looks are specified, this product offers high levels of heat and glare reduction. Total solar absorbance on this product is 69%, with a TSER ( Total Solar Energy Rejected) of 74%.


When a reflective gold look is specified, and extreme performance of glare and heat rejection is required, this product from Llumar is another heavy hitter of performance with good looks. Heat absorption is specified at 53% with a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejected) of 78%.


This product is used where extreme performance is demanded. This reflective film is a cost-effective product for commercial and residential applications where extreme heat rejection performance is needed. R20 offers a very low heat absorption rate of 40% and a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 79%. Extreme performance and cost-effective.


This film has a similar performance to the R20, except it is 15% lighter. Being a lighter film, you will have more light entering the interior space while still rejecting a significant amount of heat. The TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) is 68%, with a total absorbance of 45%.

LLumar Solar Control Films | Dual-Reflective Series Window Film Products

 window tint .Commercial windows with Llumar window film

Dual reflective window film products are reflective on the exterior and less reflective on the interior. Originally designed for commercial applications, they have become increasingly popular for residential use.

High performing and good-looking products that address solar heat gain issues for all buildings. Dual reflective has become widely used for its performance and low reflective interior qualities.

More about performance below.


This new offering in our window film products from Llumar has become very popular for its aggressive heat rejection performance and good looks. This window film is perfect for maximum privacy and performance on large glass surfaces with direct sun exposure.
With extremely low interior reflectivity, these window film products offer a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 83% and an absorption rate of 44%. With performance specifications like this, it’s easy to understand why many of our clients have chosen this film successfully in looks and performance.


Out of all the dual-reflective window film products we offer, DR15 is by far one of the most popular window films we apply. This particular window film is a perfect balance of low interior reflectivity and heat rejection performance with just the right amount of shade.
The DR15 performance offers a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 71% and total absorption of 51%. Add to this a fair amount of light passing to the interior, and you have a window film that performs and looks good doing it!


This window film does not offer quite the same aggressive performance as the DR 05 or DR 15 but is still a considerable performer on our list of window film products. DR 25 is perfect for use in spaces that need significant light entering and solar heat reduction.

DR 25 offers a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 65% and an absorption rate of 52%. We will often recommend this product for the client that desires more light to enter the interior and performs well.


This window film is another trendy offering in our window film products lineup. Our clients love it for its all-around performance without being too dark. You can expect lots of light to enter your interior and low interior reflective surface.
The TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) 56% and absorption rate of 50% make this product a little less aggressive than the previous window films but considering all the extra light that will fill your interior space, and our customers seem to think it’s worth it.

Window film. Window tint  on commercial windows

LLUMAR Window Films | Deluxe Series

The deluxe series of window films offer high levels of heat rejection without any reflective looks. However, the deluxe series does not have the same performance as the reflective window films. They are still used in some applications.

We will get into more performance specifications and descriptions below.


This non-reflective window film offers glare and heat reduction. The DL 05 is good for privacy, heat reduction, and long life. The TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 68% and an absorption rate of 66%.


Deluxe 15 is a lighter version of the DL 05 with good glare reduction and heat reduction performance. The TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 60% and an absorption rate of 64%.


This window film is used when a mild head rejection and glare are needed. Offering low internal and exterior reflection with a soft green hue. Used where these specifications are required. This window film offers a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 56% and an absorption rate of 51%

LLUMAR SOLAR CONTROL FILMS | Neutral Series Window Film Products

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Neutral window film is popular for its high performance with a soft neutral look. This film is an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications that require high performance and low reflectivity. We will get into more specifics below.


The neutral series is by far one of the most popular offerings we have. The feedback we receive about this product focuses on low reflectivity and heat rejection. Although this window film is not the top performer, it is still an effective product—heat absorption rate of 56% and a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 63%.
With attractive neutral color and good performance, it is no surprise that N1020 is a very popular choice.


The neutral series N1040 is another popular choice. This performance film is perfect for areas that need a neutral appearance with the benefits of a professional solar control window film.
With a heat absorption rate of 54% and a TSER ( Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 52%, this product is a solid performer in a lighter shade.


Neutral series N1050 is undoubtedly a lighter contender in our lineup of professional products but still a reasonable performer. This product is perfect for an area where lots of light is desired with heat, and some glare reduction is needed. This film often goes unnoticed due to its lighter color. With an absorption rate of 47% and a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 44%, this product is another powerful option in the lighter offerings.

NEUTRAL SERIES | N1065 SR (Neutral)

This is the lightest shade offered in the neutral series. Once installed, this window film will usually go unnoticed. You will, however, reap the benefits of 99% Ultraviolet light protection. The N1065 offers a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 34% and an absorption rate of 35%.


This is a high-performing bronze window film that offers a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 75% and an absorption rate of 50%. This product is a heavy performer. Used where high performance and design specification require a bronze color.


This is the lighter version of N1020B. With a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of 64% and absorption rate of 47%, this window film will allow more light transmission and high-performance heat and glare reduction.

We do have other offerings from Llumar. Such as the exterior series specialty color and decorative series. All products listed above are the most commonly used products we sell. If you did not see the professional window film you were looking for, please use the contact form below, and we will be happy to research that window film for you.

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