Why you need Home Window Tinting.

Residential window tinting provides Central Florida residence with home energy-saving solutions. We carry effective professional solar, security, and decorative products. Our products create comfort, stop fading, and lowers cooling costs. Professional Window Tinting is a fully licensed & insured mobile company with the experience to deliver the expected results.

 Residential Sun damaged wood floor at a Lake Mary home.
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC house

Ultraviolet Light Damage

What are its effects?

Ultraviolet light from the sun can cause skin cancer. As a matter of fact, UV light is the cause of it 90% of the time. The absorption of UV rays also causes sunburn, immune system damage, eye damage, premature skin aging, and more. Considering all of this, it is no surprise that it causes damage to our interior furnishings. Here is the breakdown on fading, about 40% is caused by UV light, about 25% is caused by visible light and 25% by heat. The last 10% is from different sources. This picture demonstrates this point. With all the effort we go through to protect ourselves often, our windows at home go untreated. One of the easiest and most affordable home improvements we can make is the application of residential window tinting. The benefits are clear!

Residential Window Tinting on a house.
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC home

Residential Window Film

Home Window Tinting Options

The options for solar window films are plentiful. Llumar products offer everything from virtually clear to very dark films. Because of this, the customer can fine-tune the desired look and performance of the product. For people who want high heat rejection while letting in the maximum amount of light, we offer the Llumar Ceramic Air Blue 80%. This is an excellent product that provides high performance with a residential lifetime warranty.

 Residential Llumar R20% window film installed on window at home.
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC house

High-performance Films

Aggressive Performing Home Window Tinting Options

Some applications require a more aggressive product. When maximum performance is the primary concern, we offer the Llumar R20% (reflective series) line of products. This film sports a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of almost 80%. It also rejects 99% of the suns damaging ultraviolet light. These products are excellent for large glass areas where direct sun exposure is present. It is common for a sunroom not to have the same effective climate control system the main building has. Because of this, the addition of energy-saving window film is the perfect solution.

Residential window tinting Llumar RN07 one way mirror window film on glass
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC. Home Windows

Privacy Window Films

Keeping Things Out of Sight and Out of Mind

Privacy window film has many uses. A lot of times, customers want privacy pure and straightforward. Keeping onlookers at bay and reducing excessive solar heat gain are two significant benefits of Llumar RN07. This product is the ultimate in performance and protection. Offering a TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection) of almost 85%, it is among the top performers in the industry. Looking for maximum privacy? RN07 is a great place to start!

Residential Decorative window film on house sidelite window.
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Decorative Residential Window Tinting

Add Privacy with Style

Decorative window film has many applications. It is useful for custom projects inside the residence to providing privacy from onlookers. Consider this setup. A lot of newer homes include the sidelites feature next to the front door. It is, without a doubt, a desirable option to let in a lot of natural light. The drawback is you lose privacy as well. A decorative window film will help solve this issue. Not only will it add a custom touch to the exterior, but it will also let in ample amounts of light. In closing, you can solve two issues with one application.

Residential Decorative frost window film on bathroom home window.
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC house

Decorative Home Window Tinting

Decorative Privacy Window Film

In many cases, we find newly constructed homes without frosted privacy glass in bathrooms. We receive a significant amount of service calls addressing this very issue. The good news is we have options to remedy this situation. More good news is we have more options to choose from rather than sticking to an everyday frost look. Llumar offers several different types of frost and patterned films. We also have decorative textured films that further add to the customization of your glass.

What do we recommend?

This is a good question. The answer to this will depend on what you are wanting to achieve. With recent advancements in technology consumers have a lot more options available to them.

Let’s say you want to let in the maximum amount of light while still blocking 99.9% of the Ultraviolet light and stooping excessive heat. In that case, if applicable, we would recommend our Neutral series N1065 window film. This product is what is referred to as a metalized window film. We would recommend this due to the very low heat absorption specifications and reasonable heat rejection this product offers. Other options include the use of ceramic films. Ceramic window films indeed block more heat; however, they are doing this by heat absorption, which, in our opinion, is counterproductive. The performance of N1065 will be conservative but can be significantly increased by using darker and options in our inventory.

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