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Portfolio pictures. Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC is a fully licensed and insured company. We are based out of Sanford, Florida. Being that we are a mobile window tinting business, we have the opportunity to work at many different locations on all kinds and take pictures of projects. It was decided to create a portfolio page to share our work with you. Thanks for stopping by!

Lake Mary, Florida Commercial window tinting Pictures
Commercial Window Tinting in Lake Mary, Florida. Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

United Systems and Software Inc.

Portfolio pictures. This commercial window tinting project was completed in Lake Mary, Florida. The client initially approached us, stating concerns about excessive heat entering the building and high cooling costs. Due to Eastern exposure, the sun’s rays also deprived the occupant’s comfort. Clearly, something needed to be done about this issue.

We went over the various options with the client and explained the differences between the products. This client decided to utilize the LLumar R20 (reflective series) window film.

LLumar R 20 is a very aggressive window film that offers extremely low heat absorption (40%) properties and high heat reflecting (79%) performance. Considering the amount of glass area in this building, these products will significantly reduce heat gain and create a much more tolerable atmosphere for the occupants of the building.

We spoke to the building’s operations manager after the professional installation. He expressed that they are delighted with the performance of the products and that the service quality they received from Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC was exemplary.

Portfolio pictures

Residential Window Tinting installed on house portfolio
Residential Window Tinting in Heathrow, Florida / Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Portfolio Pictures Residential Window Tinting on Central Florida Home

This residential window tinting client contacted us with issues of excessive heat gain and interior furnishing fading. This is a common occurrence in residential applications.

We covered all the options with the client and explained the benefits and what they could expect from our full line of LLumar window films. Our client decided on the Llumar DR 35 ( dual-reflective) window film.

Llumar DR 35% is very popular for its heat rejection (56%) performance while letting in abundant amounts of light. Unlike the R series film, DR was made to not reflect on the interior as R series film does. The color of this film lends itself to a residential environment with a warm grey color.

While it is true that DR series films are classified as reflective, generally, the lighter films look less reflective of the curb.

Window Tinting a Crane pictures
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC
Portfolio pictures

Portfolio Pictures Mobile Window Tinting in Central Florida

We could show you a picture of a car or truck with a film being installed, but that would be boring. So let’s look at this crane from V&M Erectors. We were contacted by a company to install window film on this crane. The issue is evident for the operator. He gets full sun exposure while operating this machine due to it being a big glass box.

We suggested the ceramic line of films for this job. Llumar Air Blue 80% was used. This installation will be effective and safe because of the strength of tempered glass offers. Additionally, the light nature of this film will give the operator maximum visibility and heat reduction while working.

Considering the type of work being done here, this film was the safest and most effective choice for this application.

Portfolio pictures of commercial window tinting in casselbery florida
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Portfolio Pictures Professional Office in Casselberry, Florida

These west-facing windows on this Casselberry, Florida building, presented the occupants at EmployU with a unique issue. It was expressed to us during our consultation the conference room was unusable during the afternoon. The sun was too bright, and the heat was too intense.

We went over the various choices with the client and offered practical solutions that would address their concerns. The client decided on using the Llumar DR 05%. This film will provide the maximum amount of light reduction and will not absorb so much heat as to cause glass breakage issues.

The result is the previously unusable office is now a usable conference room.

Florida sun room tinted with Llumar R20 window film portfolio
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Llumar R 20

This Central Florida sunroom had a unique need for an aggressive window film. Typically roof structures are not made of insulated glass units like this one.

This client does have shades to cover the glass roof but also wanted to be able to pull them back and stay as cool as possible while doing so. We suggested the use of LLumar R 20% window tinting for its heat rejection performance and low heat absorption rate.

The selection of the film was crucial. If the wrong product was chosen, the glass could break due to thermal stress. Additional concerns would be the seals could be compromised. This is what usually causes fogging or moisture to build up between the glass panes.

Portfolio pictures of Decorative window film on glass
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Florida Hospital

In newer construction and remodels alike, there is a trend toward using architectural glass to separate spaces. The result is updated looks and a much more open feeling area. More light can enter the city, reducing the dark area in a room.

This decorative Glacier frost offers privacy without completely closing all the light off from this space. The result is space that looks clean, open, and professional.

Portfolio pictures security film caulking
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Bayhill Jewlers

 At first glance, this picture does not appear to be very significant. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice a thick bead of caulking running down between the glass and frame. That thick bead of Dow 995 creates the attachment system for the security film to adhere to the structure.

The reason for this application is apparent, considering what is being sold here. In the event of glass breakage, whether it is inclement weather or vandalized, this system, combined with the security film, will help to hold everything together. Without a doubt, this increases safety and security for the business owner and occupants alike.

 Portfolio pictures Lake Mary Window Tinting decorative frost
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Decorative Textured Frost

This picture demonstrates the all too common occurrence we stumble across for a lot of residential applications. In newer construction of homes, contractors often forgo the customary textured frosted glass that honestly should be installed in a space like this.

There is some good news! If you are one of the many homeowners that have this issue, we carry the full line of Llumar decorative window film service to cover that glass. The difference is you will have the option to choose just the right decorative product YOU like. More choices for the consumer is a significant problem to have.

 Portfolio pictures Installing window film on residential glass.
Professional Window Tinting of Central FL LLC

Residential Installation

In this picture, we are seen installing Llumar N1040 Neutral series window film. The backside of this Lake Mary home faced East. The morning sun was too bright to keep the occupants happy.

We suggested using a lighter Llumar Neutral series window film, and the client agreed. The installation was quickly and accurately done, and the customer is delighted.

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